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About Us 

About Us  

Seamus P. O'Connell, Owner and President

Providing deep corporate IT and ASP startup experience to small and medium businesses.​

Early on I was fascinated with computers.  This was influenced by my father, who worked at IBM and the Federal Reserve Bank. 


Although my professional career started in banking, with a management training program in corporate credit analysis and corporate lending, the demand for computers to solve business challenges was everywhere, and I found myself assisting departments in designing application systems to solve office workflow issues and capture and report office productivity. 

My career subsequently segued to a Systems Analyst positionand I decided to focus my career on IT and computer networking, and certify in computer networking and engineering.  My experience with networking, programming, and office automation systems in large financial institutions continued from tenure with First Fidelity Bank, to First Union National Bank, and Merrill Lynch.  From there I was recruited to design and implement a startup corporate and production ASP (application service provider, akin to a cloud service) network for Outercurve Technologies.

Company history
AXIO was established in January of 2002 during the economic market collapse that hit the tech sector especially hard.  At that time I was working for a startup company specializing in the cutting-edge Real-Time Push technology available then only from Research In Motion's BlackBerry system. However, the startup could not weather the down-turn.  It was the perfect time to start my own IT firm.